GATE 2022 Question Paper and Answer Key (Out)


GATE 2022 Answer Key – IIT Kharagpur has released GATE 2022 answer key. Candidates can check their responses from February 15, 2022.

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GATE Answer Key 2022 Date

GATE 2022 EventImportant Dates
GATE 2022 exam date05, 06, 12, and 13 Feb 2022
Release of Candidate’s Response sheet15 Feb 2022
GATE official answer key releases date21 Feb 2022
Challenges by candidates on Answer Keys22 – 25 Feb 2022
Announcement of the Results in the Online Application Portal17 March 2022

Download GATE 2022 Response Sheet

Candidates can check the GATE response sheet from 15th February 2022.

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Download GATE 2022 Question Paper and Final Answer Key

Aerospace Engineering (AE)Answer Key/Range
Agricultural Engineering (AG)Answer Key/Range
Architecture and Planning (AR)Answer Key/Range
Biomedical Engineering (BM)Answer Key/Range
Biotechnology (BT)Answer Key/Range
Civil Engineering (CE-1) (Forenoon)Answer Key/Range
Civil Engineering (CE-2) (Afternoon)Answer Key/Range
Chemical Engineering (CH)Answer Key/Range
Computer Science and Information Technology (CS)Answer Key/Range
Chemistry (CY)Answer Key/Range
Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC)Answer Key/Range
Electrical Engineering (EE)Answer Key/Range
Environmental Science & Engineering (ES)Answer Key/Range
Ecology and Evolution (EY)Answer Key/Range
Geomatics Engineering (GE)Answer Key/Range
Geology and Geophysics – Geology (GG-1)Answer Key/Range
Geology and Geophysics – Geophysics (GG-2)Answer Key/Range
Instrumentation Engineering (IN)Answer Key/Range
Mathematics (MA)Answer Key/Range
Mechanical Engineering (ME-1) (Forenoon)Answer Key/Range
Mechanical Engineering (ME-2) (Afternoon)Answer Key/Range
Mining Engineering (MN)Answer Key/Range
Metallurgical Engineering (MT)Answer Key/Range
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NM)Answer Key/Range
Petroleum Engineering (PE)Answer Key/Range
Physics (PH)Answer Key/Range
Production and Industrial Engineering (PI)Answer Key/Range
Statistics (ST)Answer Key/Range
Textile Engineering and Fibre Science (TF)Answer Key/Range
Engineering Sciences (XE)Answer Key/Range
Humanities & Social Sciences – Economics (XH-C1)Answer Key/Range
Humanities & Social Sciences – English (XH-C2)Answer Key/Range
Humanities & Social Sciences – Linguistics (XH-C3)Answer Key/Range
Humanities & Social Sciences – Philosophy (XH-C4)Answer Key/Range
Humanities & Social Sciences – Psychology (XH-C5)Answer Key/Range
Humanities & Social Sciences – Sociology (XH-C6)Answer Key/Range
Life Sciences (XL)Answer Key/Range

GATE 2022 Answer Key Challenge

Candidates can challenge the GATE 2022 official answer key online on

Challenges by Candidates on Answer Keys with Payment of ₹ 500 for each question can be submitted from 22nd to 25th February 2022.

Important points for challenging GATE 2022 answer key:

  • Upload document for challenge
    • To submit the challenge candidates have to upload supporting document for the contest. In the document mention the section and the question number against which the document is being uploaded.
  • Pay the fee
    • The payment of the challenge fee is to be paid online. Contests are accepted only if the payment is completed successfully.
  • Refund of the fee
    • If the challenge is accepted the fee against it is refunded.