GATE Geology & Geophysics 2024: Syllabus, Pattern, Books and Preparation Tips

GATE Geology & Geophysics
GATE Geology & Geophysics

GATE Geology & Geophysics 2024 Exam – Here we will discuss in detail about GATE 2024 Geology & Geophysics exam. We will discuss about GATE 2024 Geology & Geophysics syllabus, exam pattern, books and preparation tips.

About GATE Exam

GATE Exam is jointly conducted by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore and the seven IIT’s (IIT Bombay, Delhi, Kanpur, Guwahati, RoorkeeMadras and Kharagpur).

GATE 2024 will be organized by IISc Bangalore.

Qualifying in GATE is a mandatory for admission and/or financial assistance to:

  • Doctoral programs and Master’s programs in Engineering/Technology/Architecture
  • PhD in relevant discipline of science, in institutions that are supported by the MHRD and other Government agencies.
  • Even in some institutions and colleges, which admit students without MHRD assistantship/scholarship, qualifying in GATE is a mandatory.
  • Many PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) use GATE Exam score in their recruitment process.

Eligibility for GATE 2024 Exam

A candidate who is currently studying in the 3rd or higher years of any undergraduate degree program


Candidate who has already completed any government approved degree program in Engineering / Technology / Architecture / Science / Commerce / Arts is eligible.

Age Limit: No age limit

To know about GATE latest updates and application process – GATE

GATE Geology & Geophysics 2024 Exam Schedule

GATE 2024 exam will be held on 3, 4, 10, & 11 February, 2024.

Exact Date for GATE 2024 Geology & Geophysics will be announced later.

Scheme of GATE Geology & Geophysics 2024 Exam

GATE 2024 exam will be in ONLINE Computer Based Test (CBT) mode.

In GATE Geology & Geophysics Exam there will be 65 questions of total 100 marks and exam will be of 3 hours 

Virtual Scientific Calculator will be available on the computer screen During the examination. Wristwatches, calculators, mobile phones, Personal or any other electronic devices are NOT allowed in the exam hall.

For rough work Scribble pads will be provided to the candidates.

Mode of ExaminationOnline Computer Based Test (CBT)
Duration3 hours
Total Marks100

Pattern of GATE Geology & Geophysics 2024 Exam

GATE Geology & Geophysics 2024 Exam Marking Scheme

There will be 65 questions carrying a total of 100 marks.

SectionDistribution of MarksTotal MarksTypes of questions
General Ability5 questions of 1 mark each
5 questions of 2 marks each

15 marks
Part A (compulsory)25 questions of 1 mark each25 marksMCQ, MSQ and NAT
Part B
Section 1 (Geology) / Section 2 (Geophysics)
30 questions of 2 marks each60 marksMCQ, MSQ and NAT

First section (General Aptitude section)

In this section there will be 10 questions carrying a total of 15 marks.

These questions will be on General Aptitude (GA) to test the Analytical Skills and Language.

This section will carry 15 marks out of which 5 questions are of 1 Mark and 5 questions of 2 Marks each.

Second Section (Geology & Geophysics Section)

  • GG paper will consist of two parts: Part – A and Part – B.
  • Part – A is compulsory for the candidates.
  • Part – B will consist of two sections: Section 1 – Geology & Section 2 – Geophysics. 
  • Candidates will have to attempt the questions of Part A and questions of either Section – 1 or Section – 2 from Part – B.

Types of Questions in GATE Geology & Geophysics 2024 Exam

There will be three types of questions – MCQ, MSQ, NAT.

Details of these types of questions is as follows –

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

These questions carry or marks each. These questions will have a choice of four answers, out of which the candidate has to select (mark), the correct answer.

Multiple Select Questions (MSQ)

These carrying 1 or 2 marks each in all the papers and sections. These questions are objective in nature, and each will have choice of four answers, out of which ONE or MORE than ONE choice(s) are correct.

There is NO negative marking for a wrong answer for these questions. Also NO partial credit for choosing partially correct combinations of choices or any single wrong choice.

Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions

These questions carry or marks each. The answer is a signed real number for these questions, which needs to be entered by using the virtual numeric keypad on the monitor (computer’s keyboard will be disabled).

The answer can be an integer only such as 60 or -60. The answer may be in decimals as 60.1 or 60.01 or -60.001.

The candidates need to make an answer upto the said decimal point as instructed in question.

Appropriate range will be considered for numerical answer type questions so that the candidate is not penalized due to round-off errors.

It is better to give NAT answer up to three decimal places wherever required and possible.

GATE Geology & Geophysics 2024 Negative Marking Scheme

Negative Marking in GATE Geology & Geophysics exam will be as follows –

Type of questionNegative marking for Each wrong answer
MCQ1/3for 1 mark questions 2/3 for 2 marks questions
MSQNo negative marking 
NATNo negative marking 

GATE General Aptitude Syllabus

Syllabus for General Aptitude section is common for all subjects of GATE Exam.

This section contains questions from 

Verbal Aptitude
Quantitative Aptitude
Analytical Aptitude
Spatial Aptitude

For complete details of this section and syllabus pdf visit – GATE General Aptitude

GATE Geology & Geophysics 2024 Syllabus

Structure of GATE Geology & Geophysics Syllabus

Syllabus will consist of two parts: Part – A and Part – B.

Part – A (Compulsory Common Section)

  • Structure and composition of the earth
  • Weathering and soil formation
  • Basic structural geology
  • Crystallography
  • Petrology of common igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks
  • Geological time scale
  • Mineral, coal and petroleum resources of India
  • Introduction to remote sensing
  • Engineering properties of rocks and soils.
  • Elements of hydrogeology
  • Principles and applications of gravity, magnetic, electrical, electromagnetic, seismic and radiometric methods of prospecting for oil, mineral and ground water; introductory well logging

Part – B

Section-1 : Geology

  • Geomorphology
  • Structural geology
  • Crystallography and mineralogy
  • Geochemistry
  • Igneous petrology
  • Sedimentology
  • Metamorphic petrology
  • Paleobiology
  • Stratigraphy
  • Resource geology
  • Global tectonics
  • Applied geology
  • Natural hazards
  • Hydrogeology
  • Basic principles of remote sensing

Section-2: Geophysics

  • Solid-Earth Geophysics
  • Geodesy
  • Earthquake Seismology
  • Potential and Time Varying Fields
  • Gravity Methods
  • Magnetic Methods
  • Electrical Methods
  • Electromagnetic Methods
  • Seismic methods
  • Geophysical Survey Design
  • Geophysical signal processing
  • Geophysical Well Logging
  • Radioactive Methods
  • Geophysical Inversion

For detailed syllabus visit – GATE Geology & Geophysics Syllabus

GATE Geology & Geophysics Books and Study Material

Choose best Study Material and Books which will be very useful for you in qualifying the exam.

Check Books for GATE Geology & Geophysics Preparation & Study Material

GATE Geology & Geophysics Previous Years Question Paper PDF

Previous years questions papers will be very useful for understanding the exam pattern, finding important topics and for practice.

Here at Zero Vigyan Earth Sciences we provide the previous year’s question papers of GATE Geology & Geophysics and Mock Test Papers.

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