University of Calcutta PhD Admission 2023-24: Dates, Application, Results

University of Calcutta PhD Admission
University of Calcutta PhD Admission

University of Calcutta PhD Admission 2023-24: University of Calcutta, Kolkata, West Bengal invites online application for PhD admission for the academic session 2023-24.

Check full details on Calcutta University PhD Admission 2023-24 below here.

University of Calcutta PhD Programs

  • PhD Agronomy
  • PhD Ancient Indian History & Culture
  • PhD Anthropology
  • PhD Applied Mathematics
  • PhD Applied Psychology
  • PhD Arabic
  • PhD Bengali
  • PhD Biochemistry
  • PhD Bioinformatics
  • PhD Biophysics
  • PhD Biotechnology
  • PhD Botany
  • PhD Business Administration
  • PhD Ceramic Engineering
  • PhD Chemical Engineering
  • PhD Chemistry
  • PhD Commerce
  • PhD Computer Science and Engineering
  • PhD Computer Science
  • PhD Economics
  • PhD Education
  • PhD Electrical Engineering
  • PhD Electronics Science
  • PhD English
  • PhD Environmental Science
  • PhD Food and Nutrition
  • PhD French
  • PhD Genetics & Plant Breeding
  • PhD Genetics
  • PhD Geography
  • PhD Geology
  • PhD Hindi
  • PhD History
  • PhD Horticulture
  • PhD Human Development
  • PhD Human Rights
  • PhD Indian Language and Literature
  • PhD Instrumentation Engineering
  • PhD Law
  • PhD Library and Information Science
  • PhD Linguistics
  • PhD Marine Science
  • PhD Mathematics
  • PhD Microbiology
  • PhD Molecular Biology
  • PhD Museology
  • PhD Neuroscience
  • PhD Oil Technology
  • PhD Pali
  • PhD Persian
  • PhD Petrochemicals & Petroleum Refinery Engineering
  • PhD Pharmaceuticals & Fine Chemical Technology
  • PhD Philosophy
  • PhD Psychology
  • PhD Physics
  • PhD Physiology
  • PhD Plant Physiology
  • PhD Political Science
  • PhD Radio Physics and Electronics
  • PhD Russian
  • PhD Sanskrit
  • PhD Seed Science and Technology
  • PhD Sociology
  • PhD South East Asian Studies
  • PhD Statistics
  • PhD Textile Technology
  • PhD Urdu
  • PhD Zoology
  • PhD Ancient Indian History and Culture
  • PhD Arabic and Persian
  • PhD Archaeology
  • PhD Buddhist Studies
  • PhD Islamic History
  • PhD Electronic Science
  • PhD Mathematics

University of Calcutta PhD Admission Notification 2024

Every department releases its notification separately for PhD Admission.

Check below here PhD notification containing important dates, eligibility and application process details.

Notification & Results Jan 2024

2-1-24Admission to the Ph.D. Programme in Microbiology (session 2023-24)

University of Calcutta PhD Admission Notification 2023

Every department releases its notification separately for PhD Admission.

Check below here PhD notification containing important dates, eligibility and application process details.

Notification & Results Sept-Dec 2023

28-12-23List of candidates eligible for interview for the admission to Ph.D. (Science) program (RET) 2023 in Electronic Science
22-12-23Admission to the Ph.D. programme in Bengali Language & Literature (Session 2023)
19-12-23RET 2024 for admission to Ph.D.Programme in Business Management
16-12-23List of candidates eligible for written test for the admission to Ph.D. (Science) program (RET) in the department of Electronic Science, 2023
15-12-23Admission to Ph.D Programme in the department of Business Management
15-12-23List of candidates eligible for interview (offline) in the PhD Entrance Test in Museology 2023
13-12-23List of the qualified candidates RET-2023 in Physiology
5-12-23RET 2023 Result for Admission to PhD Program in Genetic
1-12-23List of students eligible for appearing the PhD entrance test 2023 in Museology
1-12-23Advertisement for Enrolment to Ph.D. Programme in Archaeology 2023
30-11-23Results of Admission to the Ph.D. Programme in Statistics, 2023
30-11-23RET 2023 for admission to Ph.D.Programme in Polymer Science & Technology
29-11-23Ph.D. course work — Department of Home Science
25-11-23Addendum —- Admission to Ph.D. programme (2023) in the department of Museology
23-11-23List of selected candidates for admission to PhD in Library & Information Science
21-11-23List of candidates eligible for direct interview and
List of Written Test Qualified candidates and Eligible for interview — Department of Physiology
17-11-23Research Eligibility Test (RET-2023) for Admission to Ph.D. (Science) Program in Electronic Science
5-11-23Admission to Ph.D. Programme of the department of Psychology
1-11-23Admission to Ph.D. programme in the department of Museology
30-10-23Addendum – Admission to Ph.D. programme in the department of History
30-10-23List of candidates who are eligible for written examination for RET-2023 in Physiology
14-10-23Addendum — Admission to Ph.D. programme in Economics 2024
12-10-23List of selected candidates for admission to the Ph.D. program in Home Science (Human Development) and Home Science (Food and Nutrition)
12-10-23Result of RET-2023-II in Chemistry
12-10-23Admission to Ph.D. programme in Economics 2024
11-10-23Notice — VIVA-VOCE for enrollment to Ph.D. Programme in Library & Information Science for the session 2023 – 24
9-10-23List of Recommended Candidates for Admission to PhD in Comparative Indian Language and Literature (CILL) 2023
9-10-23Addendum – Admission to Ph.D. programme in the department of History
7-10-23List of Candidates Eligible for RET 2023-24 — Department of Library & Information Science
4-10-23Admission to Ph.D. programme in the department of History
28-9-23List of Candidates Called for Interview for Admission to Ph.D. Programme — Department of Comparative Indian Language and Literature
27-9-23Research Eligibility Test (RET) 2023 for admission to Ph.D. Program in Library & Information Science (Session 2023-24)
27-9-23Research Eligibility Test for admission to Ph.D. programme in the department of Genetics
16-9-23Research Eligibility Test (RET) 2023 for admission to Ph.D. Programme in Polymer Science & Technology
13-9-23List of the candidates directly called for interview and the list of the candidates require to appear for Research Eligibility Test (RET) — Department of Comparative Indian Language and Literature
8-9-23Admission to the Ph.D. Programme in Statistics (2023)
7-9-23Research Eligibility Test (RET) 2023 — Department of Geology
7-9-23Research Eligibility Test (RET) – 2023 for Enrolment in the Ph.D. (Sc) Program in Environmental Science
6-9-23List of Successful Candidates of RET (2023 – 2024) — Department of Pure Mathematics

Notification & Results July-August 2023

29-8-23List of candidates eligible for interview for RET 2023 — Department of Home Science
29-8-23Research Eligibility Test (RET) – 2023 for Enrolment in the Ph.D. (Sc) Program in Physiology
28-8-23Admission to PhD Programme in Comparative Indian Language and Literature (CILL), 2023
26-8-23Admission to Ph.D. Programme of the department of Applied Psychology
23-8-23Admission to Ph.D. (Tech) Programme (RET 2023) in Applied Chemistry, Ceramic Engineering, Oil Technology, Petrochem. & Petroleum Refinery Engg., Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemical Tech. — Department of Chemical Technology
21-8-23Admission to the Ph.D. Program in the department of Chemistry (September 2023)
17-8-23List of candidates selected for RET 2023 — Department of Home Science
12-8-23Advertisement for Admission to the Ph.D. Program in the department of Botany
10-8-23Corrigendum — Advertisement for admission to the Ph.D. programme in the department of Biophysics, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics in September 2023
9-8-23Advertisement for admission to the Ph.D. programme in the department of Biophysics, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics in September 2023
31-7-23Invitation for submission of ‘Requisition of vacancy’ from enlisted supervisors for recruitment of Ph.D. scholar (s) through RET-2023 in Physiology
31-7-23List of candidates selected for admission to Ph.D programme in Sanskrit (Year 2022-23)
28-7-23Ph.D Admission result 2023 (RET & Viva-voce) — Department of Pali
27-7-23Ph.D. Entrance Test – 2023 Result and Interview list in Pure Mathematics
27-7-23Research Eligibility Test (RET), 2023 for admission to Ph.D. Programme in Anthropology
27-7-23Research Eligibility Test (RET), 2023 for admission to Ph.D. Programme in Human Rights
27-7-23Selected Candidates in Ph.D. RET 2023 at Centre for Research in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (CRNN)
24-7-23Admission Notice for Ph.D. Programme in Home Science 2023
17-7-23Selected candidates list in Ph.D programme — Department of Pali
7-7-23List of Selected candidates for Ph.D. Enrollment in Applied Physics (Electrical Engineering)
4-7-23RET Examination Result [2023] — Department of Chemistry

Till June 2023

30-6-23Corrigendum — Advertisement for Enrolment to Ph.D Programme in Pali (2023)
30-6-23Admission Notification for Ph.D. Programme in French
22-6-23Advertisement for Enrolment to Ph.D Programme in Pali – 2023
19-6-23Advertisement for admission to Ph.D. Programme in Pure Mathematics, 2023 – 2024
13-6-23List of selected candidates for the Phd Programme in Linguistics
10-6-23List of selected candidates for the admission to the Ph.D. Programme in Physics, 2023 (RET 2023)
7-6-23List of the candidates qualified in Viva-Voce of the Ph.D. Entrance/RET 2022 in Law
29-5-23Selected Candidate(s) in Written Test of PhD RET 2023 at CRNN
8-5-23List of Candidates Eligible for GD & PI for admission to MBA (Financial Management) 2023-25 — Department of Commerce
5-5-23List of candidates Qualified for Viva – Voce of the Ph.D. Entrance / Research Eligibility Test 2021-22 in Law
4-5-23Notice for MPhil / PhD Scholars
2-5-23Admission to Ph.D. programme in the department of Applied Mathematics

Till April 2023

28-4-23Notification — Department of Bengali Language & Literature
21-4-23List of candidates selected from NET/GATE/SET/SLET/Teacher Eligibility or equivalent examination/obtained M.Phil degree for Physics RET viva voce examination 2023
21-4-23List of candidates eligible for RET 2023 written test for admission to Ph.D programme in Physics
20-4-23Amendment in Admission Notification to the PhD programme in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology – 2023
20-4-23Admission Guideline for Foreign National/ INTERNATIONAL Candidate
17-4-23Notice — Postponement of Viva-Voce of Ph.D. Entrance / RET Test (2021 – 2022) in Law
13-4-23Admission Notification to the PhD programme in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology – 2023
12-4-23RET Examination Result [2023] — Department of Linguistics
6-4-23Admission to Ph.D. Programme in Marine Science
5-4-23List of Candidates Qualified for Viva-Voce of the Ph.D. Entrance / Research Eligibility Test 2021-22 in Law
4-4-23Admission to Ph.D. Programme in Biochemistry, 2023 (Corrigendum and Addendum)
30-3-23List of Candidates Qualified in Written Test of Ph.D. Entrance/Research Eligibility Test – 2021- 2022
30-3-23List of successful candidates of the PhD Programme in the Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies
22-3-23University of Calcutta PhD Physics Admission
17-3-23University of Calcutta PhD Zoology Admission
10-3-23Short listed candidates for PhD Interview in the department of South and Southeast Asian Studies
10-3-23List of candidates for Interview (RET 2023) — Department of Applied Physics
9-3-23Admission to the MBA (HRD) Programme (Batch: 2023-25)
6-3-23University of Calcutta PhD Radio Physics and Electronics
6-3-23Result of entrance test 2022 — Department of Statistics
2-3-23University of Calcutta PhD Chemistry Admission
2-3-23Merit list of selected candidates of RET Genetics 2023
2-3-23Admission to Ph.D. Programme in Linguistics for the Session 2023-24
28-2-23List of candidates selected for the PhD program in Applied Physics (Instrumentation Engineering)
27-2-23Result of RET – 2022 — Department of Microbiology
21-2-23RET Result 2022 — Department of Chemistry
20-2-23Notice for MA English Semester I Examination 2022
17-2-23List of Selected Candidates for Admission to M.Phil in Clinical Psychology Course 2021-23
15-2-23Admission to Ph.D. Programme in Biochemistry, 2023
15-2-23List of candidates qualified for enrolment in PhD programme — Department of Physiology
14-2-23Admission to PhD Programme in Geography – 2023
7-2-23List of candidates selected (RET 2022) for admission to Ph.D. Program in Library & Information Science
6-2-23Admission to the Ph.D. programme in the department of Agronomy
29-1-23Revised schedule of MA English Semester III Examination 2022
18-1-23Research Eligibility Test (RET) for admission to Ph.D. programme — Department of Genetics
18-1-23Admission to Ph.D Programme in South & Southeast Asian Studies 2023
16-1-23Admission to Ph.D. Programme (RET-2023) in Applied Physics (Electrical Engineering)
13-1-23List of Eligible Candidates for the Viva-voce in RET 2022 for admission to Ph.D. Program in Library & Information Science (2022-23)
9-1-23Result of RET-WP 2022 in Microbiology
9-1-23Revised schedule of MA English Semester III Examination 2023
9-1-23Admission to MBA (Financial Management), (2023- 2025) — Department of Commerce
6-1-23List of Candidates Selected for admission to the Ph.D. Programme in Arabic and Persian (Session 2022-23)
6-1-23MBA-Public Systems (MBA-PS) Admission Poster
4-1-23Admission to the Ph.D. program in the Department of the Genetics & Plant Breeding
2-1-23List of selected candidates for admission to Ph. D. program (2022) — Department of Chemical Engineering
2-1-23Result of Research Eligibility Test (2022) — Department of Journalism and Mass Communication
[for enrolment in the Ph.D. programme]

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Previous Admissions

University of Calcutta PhD Admission 2022

University of Calcutta PhD Admission Notification 2022

19-12-22Admission to the Ph.D. Programme in Statistics: 2022
14-12-22Research Eligibility Test (RET)
Department of Library & Information Science (session 2022-23)
[for admission to Ph.D. program]
13-12-22Selected Candidates for PhD programme in English
13-12-22Research Eligibility Test (RET) 2022 — Department of Biophysics, Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics
12-12-22Research Eligibility Test Interview (2022) — Department of Journalism and Mass Communication
[for enrolment to PhD programme]
9-12-22Admission to the Ph.D. Programme in Microbiology for the session 2022
1-12-22Admission to M.Phil in Clinical Psychology
1-12-22List of selected candidates for admission to Ph. D Course in Philosophy, 2022
22-11-22Research Eligibility Test (RET) for Ph.D. programme in Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science
22-11-22Research Eligibility Test (RET) 2022 for Enrolment in the Ph.D. (Sc) Program in Physiology
14-11-22Notice for Enrolment to the Ph.D. Programme in Journalism and Mass Communication 2022
12-11-22Notice (In continuation of the notice dated 31/12/2021) for Admission to Ph.D. Program in Law
11-11-22Admission Notice for Ph.D. programme in Sanskrit 2022
10-11-22Ph.D. Entrance Test (2022) — Department of Arabic and Persian
9-11-22CIRRIGENDUM NOTICE — Admission to Ph.D. (Tech./Sci.) Programme in Computer Science and Engineering
6-11-22Addendum to Notification in Ph.D. Admission in Economics 2023
4-11-22Final list of the PhD students — Department of Islamic History and Culture
3-11-22Admission to Ph.D. Programme in the Department of Economics
2-11-22Merit List of Successful Candidates of RET 2022 – 2023 — Department of Pure Mathematics
13-10-22List of candidates eligible for written examination and direct interview for admission to Ph.D. Programme in Philosophy, 2022
27-9-22Advertisement for Admission to Ph.D. (Tech./Sci.) in Computer Science and Engineering
20-9-22Revised List of candidates [ Result of RET ] selected for interview for the admission to Ph.D. programme in Buddhist Studies
16-9-22CORRIGENDUM III — Result of RET 2022, department of Home Science
16-9-22List of candidates [ Result of RET ] selected for interview for the admission to Ph.D. programme in Buddhist Studies
15-9-22CORRIGENDUM II — Result of RET 2022, department of Home Science
14-9-22Invitation for submission of ‘Requisition of vacancy’ from enlisted supervisors for recruitment of PhD scholar(s) through RET-2022 in Physiology
14-9-22Admission to Ph.D. (Tech) Programme (RET 2022) in Applied Chemistry, Ceramic Engineering, Oil Technology and Petrochem. & Petroleum Refinery Engg — Department of Chemical Technology
13-9-22Admission to Ph.D. Programme in Philosophy — Department of Philosophy
13-9-22List of candidates eligible for interview for the admission to Ph.D. (Tech) program in Applied Physics (Instrumentation Engineering), RET 2022
9-9-22List of Candidates for the RET, 2022 — Department of Buddhist Studies
8-9-22Admission to Ph.D Program (RET 2022) in Information Technology — A. K Choudhury School of Information Technology
6-9-22List of candidates eligible for interview for the admission to Ph.D. (Science) Program (RET) in the department of Electronic Science, 2022
6-9-22List of candidates eligible for written test for PhD admission in the department of Applied Physics (Instrumentation Engineering) [RET 2022]
5-9-22Notification of Interview for PhD in English and list of qualified applicants
3-9-22Advertisement for admission to Ph.D. program 2022 in the department of Chemical Engineering
2-9-22CORRIGENDUM — Result of RET 2022, department of Home Science
1-9-22List of Selected Candidates in the PhD Entrance Test 2022 — Department of Museology